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CodeSandbox Example (Source)

Recently for my personal website ( I wanted to do a single scroll style website which is organized by sections. One of the strengths of a single scroll website is that it “flows”. It’s easy to have a reader be exposed to a large amount of content because, if they’re interested, they will simply keep scrolling.

The pitfall, however, is that structure is awkwardly restricting — such that when needing to present a large amount of information, it is hard to organize as you can only separate information vertically. …

Social Network Analysis (credit Wikipedia)

Graphs can provide an incredibly intuitive solutions to some of today’s most common problems. The most used example of the graph (network) structure is either in maps for calculating shortest distance, or in social network structures for social “cluster” analysis. However, I want to talk about a few other lesser known uses of graphs and how they can solve otherwise difficult problems.

Natural Language Processing

Let’s say you want to create a graph that represent the words Donald Trump uses. Let’s take a tweet from Donald Trump.


Gabriel Lee (“Type9”) is a student and aspiring developer from San Francisco

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